Three decades on European roads

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our company. We’ve changed our name, our legal status, we’ve expanded our business profile and opened to new markets – what has not changed is that after all these years we are still a family business. We do not operate from an office building, but a cozy home with a green backyard and trees outside. We believe in the power of an informal attitude and extensive support – both inside the company and in relation to you, our Customers.

A long way forward

Three decades in the world of shipping is almost an eternity. 30 years ago the Polish Internet was only in its infancy – it wasn’t until 1996 that the first dial-up connections were made. A litre of gas cost 5098 PLN and the average salary was 21 240 000 PLN. We still had to show our passports on the European borders. A new car appeared on Polish roads – the Polonez Caro. The first McDonald’s restaurant would only be opened in 1992, a year from now.

The times have changed drastically. The 90’s are also a downright minefield when it comes to changes in law, which was only beginning to follow Western standards after years of chaos behind the iron curtain. Computers were becoming popular and widespread, new trade and export laws were created, while others were liberalised. New tools emerged, which made our work easier and opened new perspectives for us, some previously unavailalable.

Years in number

We would not dare to bore you with numbers and values from our history, but we managed to find a  few that really show the dynamics of our growth in the past few years of TJ Logistic.

In 2015 we had a fleet of just 18 vehicles – now we manage over 50 of them and it seems like this number will grow in the springtime.

Also in 2015 our fleet travelled about 180.000 kilometers every month. That value has since increased to 550.000 and it still keeps on growing.

6 years ago we delivered about 120 pieces of cargo, today we deliver more than 500 and deep within our bones we still have some manpower left!

From a personnel standpoint, our new Shipping Department consisted of only two people when it opened four years ago. Now we need six people to man the Shipping Department.

We managed to acquire the prestigious GDP certificate – as one of few companies in Poland. That resulted in some exposure within the demanding pharmaceutical business. Many operators within this branch have already trusted us in this sector and we are still in talks with more companies – the future seems to be getting brighter every day!

What for the next 30 years?

We can say that we got very lucky. But we have also helped this luck on multiple fronts. Since day one we have been building our business model based on trust and friendly relationships – we treat our Customers as partners. We have created a dedicated system for managing shipping and logistics. We have put lots of effort into balanced and sustainable growth, we have reduced potential risks and kept our word on every level – from customer service standards, through reliable and punctual delivery, up to payments and formalities.

We’re not sure what the next 30 years will bring. The world is changing in a pace that’s mind-boggling even for a company that every month travels a big part of it. We’ve made a simple decision – we keep on doing what feels right and systematically work on doing it better. We have to work for our luck and thanks to your trust we can still provide and improve the services, that bring together companies from the whole continent.

We can’t think of a better way to spend the next three decades.