freight forwarding

Are You a manufacturer or a seller maybe?  You need a proven forwarder to transport Your goods.



  • experience and business awareness (not all of our competitors meet the same daily challenges as we do, for example transporting food in precisely controlled temperature conditions, on a 1500km distance with a 3-hour delivery accuracy) 
  • constant communication with your forwarder (we have a phone line available to you at all times, day and night, so that you can get up-to-date information about your cargo and delivery)
  • family business and ethics (we pride ourselves on being a small, family-run company. We maintain long-term, trust–based relations. As our Customer you can rest assured, that we are reliable and constantly available – it’s easier to do in a small group of employees, than in a huge corporation)
  • a motivated, ambitious and appreciated team of forwarders (your cargo is in the safe hands of our skilled, competent employees, who know this business inside and out and cooperate closely every day )


Quality matters, that’s why we always  give you our best service and standards.