Our competences are proven not only by our words and actions. Outside firms and certification authorities have issued official documents confirming that while cooperating with us, you are working with a  reliable and professional contractor. Some of them are issued for a specified period of time, for some them we work every day. If you already work with us – this will be obvious to you. If you are just planning to cooperate – here are some good reasons to choose us.




The Good Distribution Practices certificate confirms, that a company meets the highest standards of fleet and forwarding team, when it comes to road transport of medicinal products at controlled temperatures.

This certificate assures you, that the shipment of pharmaceuticals will arrive at its destination safely  and according to your guidelines.

We have acquired the GDP certificate in 2019 – the current one is valid until 2025.

You can find further information  [here]

You can download our GDP Certificate

PDF download icon Download GDP Certificate  – PDF

Certyfikat GDP TJ Logistic 2022-2025


It qualifies TJ Logistic Transport Jabłoński L.P. for commercial transport of goods in the CEE and in transit through its countries.

Each vehicle in our fleet has a certified  excerpt in its transport licence, which, in the event of an inspection by authorized services, enables us to continue our delivery.

Our Transport Licence is valid until 2027

Below you can download our Transport Licence – PDF format

PDF download icon Download Transport Licence PDF

Licencja Transportowa TJ Logistic 2022-2027


The Certificate Of Professional Competence in road transport of goods confirms the knowledge and competences of Jakub Pietrzak – director of the Transport Department at TJ Logistic.


This certificate is the basis for obtaining other permits and licenses, thanks to which TJ Logistic can provide its services in the Community of European Countries (in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) No. 1071/2009.

The certificate of competence is valid indefinitely.

Below you can download Certificate of Competence – PDF

PDF download icon Download Certificate – PDF

Certyfikat kompetencji zawodowych w transporcie drogowym rzeczy Jakub Pietrzak


The Reliability Certificate confirms that TJ Logistic has no financial obligations recorded in the National Debt Register of Biuro Informacji Gosporadczej S.A.

The certificate is updated on an ongoing basis, so you can check the reliability status of our company at any time. In practice, this means that TJ Logistic timely pays all receivables and liabilities resulting from contracts and issued accounting documents.

The Reliability Certificate is renewed in real time, and you can check its current status in KRD System

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