Strong as a family

Many companies and firms can say that they started with just one employee – the boss – and that their beginnings were humble, that the first office was located in a garage, between two old washing machines etc. Microsoft, Apple and a few other giants started in this exact way. The American Dream may sound great in their biographies, but it’s certainly not an original idea. How many of them can say that they started as a family business and that after 30 years they still are a family? Not many. But we most definitely can.

Zbigniew Jabłoński and his wife Teresa first CEO of TJ Logistic

Polish Dream, version 2.0

Maybe over here, near the Vistula River (or near Bolemka, which is a creek flowing silently through Chodzież), the „rags to riches” story is not especially popular, but we have our own version of it. Here the big stories don’t start with a brush and some shoe polish, sprinkled with a bit of luck – we simply need a few people that are very close to each other and who share a similar dream. That was the case of TJ Logistic.

The Jabłoński family had a simple dream: deliver what’s best in Poland to the far corners of Europe with its own, small fleet of vehicles. Zbigniew Jabłoński worked at it for many years, developing the company and maintaining Customer and business contacts. Today we proudly continue his mission, both in temperature controlled logistics, as well as in shipping and our trading activities. We don’t like to stand still and we keep pushing in new directions, using technology and tools that not only were unavailable 30 years ago – they were even hard to imagine when Zbigniew Jabłoński started TJ Logistic. We stand by his main motto – that people come first.


A toast for TJ Logistics family

People above all else

Thirty years in the business and TJ Logistic still is a family company. Our offices are filled with homely atmosphere and where our family ties can’t reach, we make up with friendship and kindness. We talk openly about everything, not just the pleasant topics. We face difficult subjects together and we support each other every step of the way – even if it goes beyond our formal duties. We stand by the Navy Seals motto: „„leave no man behind”.

This approach also found our way into our relations with you – our Customers. We offer you sincerety and openness, even in the harder aspects of our work, when something does not go our way. We are at your disposal all day round and every day of the week you can count on our support. We value your trust and we repay you the best way we know how – by offering you reliable, honest work, together with a professional and thorough Customer Service.


TJ Logistics TEAM

If you’ve been working with us for years then you already know, that you have become a part of our big shipping family.

If our first joint projects are still ahead of us – we hope to show you really soon how we do business here in Chodzież!