Alexander Graham Bell serving the shipping industry

The phone, as an innovation, needed just a mere 150 years to become an irreplaceable element of our everyday life. Leaving your home you look for three things: your keys, your wallet and your phone. When you come home from work, you plug it in to a charger, even before you sit down to dinner. Modern smartphones have become an element of pop culture and a fashion statement, an institution on their own, that let’s us thrive socially, profesionally and intellectually. Their basic function however – making long-distance communication possible – remains unchanged. And even though todays youth may be inclined that talking is inconvenient and even a little „retro”, we, the shippers, cannot imagine our days without at least one ear becoming red with all the phone calls me make.


Czerwony telefon spedycyjny

24-hour availability

Sending e-mails and text messages has become the modern day alternative to traditional conversation. We don’t need to sort out everything right away, sometimes sending a message and waiting for a response is perfectly sufficient. It’s also much easier to convey bad news this way. Our world – the world of shipping and forwarding – has its own rules, however. It’s hard to imagine our Customers tweeting or texting us each time they need an update about our delivery. Not only do we treat the phone as the main tool of our trade – we put a lot of effort and resources into making ourselves available for everyone we work with. Our „red phone” is not strictly red, nor does it have a rotary dial, but it is constantly on and there’s a living, breathing person waiting next to it all day and night, ready to help in any way necessary.

24h telefon spedycja i transport

One true truth

There is this saying, that only three types of people always tell the truth: the angry, the drunk and the kids. Well, we’d like to offer a fourth group: the TJ Logistic Customer Service. We transport goods from point A to point B, we can pinpoint the location of our fleet, list the goods being delivered and confirm the delivery time with surgical precision. We will not always have good news for you, but even when bad news happen – you will receive them promptly and without hesitation.

Problems arise wherever people are and delays on 2000-kilometer routes are simply impossible to predict. We do, however, put much effort into servicing our fleet regularly, carefully planning our routes and schedules, as well as including a safety time-buffer to minimize any difficulties. We have introduced a risk management system that helps us predict and prevent problems long before they become a factor. That’s why we can honestly guarantee a great success rate and plan upcoming actions with the knowledge, that our Customers are in safe hands.

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A thousand roads, a single goal

Looking from a distance, our work might seem uncomplicated – ship from place to place, sign a few papers, issue an invoice. But after 30 years in the business we know, that shipping and forwarding are a science of a thousand details, that need to come together both in time and space. Our motto, „quality matters”, is not just an empty phrase: it’s an everyday practice, that allows our Customers to sleep peacefully and lets their businesses go on uninterrupted and thrive. We, on the other hand, are not afraid of Mondays or any other days, since we arrive at work prepared and focused on a single task: maintaining the trust you give us and nourishing our relationship in the best way we know how – with diligent and reliable work.