Parcels to Poland

Trustworthy service at the right price

Now you can extend your offering by providing a shipping service of parcels to Poland. After delivering goods to your store, our driver will pick up parcels left with you by your clients. We will deliver them to the designated address in Poland within 7 days (4-5 days on average).
Please  note!
This service may add to your bottom line, and bring more clients to the store.


Ask our advisors for details:

Robert Gola   polska-flaga
tel. +48 503 711 953

Robert Gbur polska-flaga  british-flag
tel.+44 789 493 4941

Maciej Siodła polska-flaga
tel.+48 519 871 566

Katarzyna Stefaniak polska-flaga  british-flag
tel.+48 502 387 605